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What Could have Been?

Memphis Depay: Couldn’t find his Inner Devil



Memphis Depay Flop

Memphis Depay has admitted he couldn’t get up and running at Manchester United, putting the sole blame on his immaturity at the time.

Memphis is currently out injured, but has stated that he’s rushing his recovery process so that he could be fit for Euro 2020. Well, he was. Since the COVID-19 Outbreak, Euro 2020 is a distant memory.

The first and second paragraph don’t make perfect sense, I would have thought that a seasoned professional would opt NOT to rush the recovery process, as an ACL Injury is not something which you should be cutting corners with. There have been footballers who have never returned the same after an ACL injury.

Does this show that Memphis still has an ounce of immaturity?

He was having a fantastic 2019/20 campaign up until his injury, with 14 goals and 2 assists in 18 matches. It’s caused teams to notice him, although there’s still that doubt of whether he could try and step up again at a bigger club.

Manchester United still have a buyback clause, with many fans on Twitter asking Man Utd to re-sign him. They are already well packed out though on the left wing, but we have seen him play more centrally this season.

His time in England

Compared to his fine run of form before his injury, Memphis managed just 2 goals in 33 games with Manchester United.

He did admit that the Premier League was a tough gig, and we must add that the changes at Old Trafford during Depay’s time weren’t ever in his favour. Consistent managerial change meant that he couldn’t earn the trust of any manager, however, 2 goals in 33 wouldn’t…

He does seem to have the makings of a superstar, flaunting his lavish lifestyle on Instragram & showing up to high profile events dressed rather affluently.

Would he suit a return to the Premier League?

Memphis has stated that he prefers the French League, although this could be a method of saving face. He does seem rather honest though, stating that the Premier League has a fast pace about it, mentioning that the reason he prefers life in France, is because he can flaunt his technique better.

It does seem to be working for him with Olympique Lyonnais. He’s improved dramatically. In comparison, he would’ve been up against Martial & Rashford for a spot on the left wing.

It could’ve worked. It could’ve been great. However, he turned out to be a mistake.

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What Could have Been?

Federico Macheda: That Goal Against Aston Villa



Federico Macheda

It’s impossible not to remember Federico Macheda’s brilliant goal against Aston Villa. My dad’s a Villain, and he still does!

Liverpool had won the day before the Man Utd vs Aston Villa game, causing significant pressure to Man Utd’s title chances. Pressure was high, but Sir Alex should have been able to withstand Villa, right?

Fast forward to the 80th minute of the game, Aston Villa were shockingly 1-0 up. Could this be a slip-up, which could define the Liverpool & Man Utd rivalry?

Cristiano Ronaldo gave Man Utd a lifeline, but it was late in the day now. There wouldn’t be much time left to influence the game.

Out of options, Alex Ferguson turned to Federico Macheda, a 17 year old who was unknown to most. He had actually been performing pretty well in the reserves, which earnt him a call up to the first team. He would be given a few minutes to see how, or if, he could influence the game.

His time came with 60 seconds left in the game. Ryan Giggs, doing Ryan Giggs things, passed the ball to Macheda. It was inch perfect.

Federico Macheda then used the heel of his boot to flick the ball backwards, with his first touch, before unleashing a curling shot at goal. It can be seen in all it’s glory, below.

Federico Macheda V Aston Villa Goal (2009) | All The Angles ...
Federico Macheda: What an Introduction

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