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Football Index Review: Profit from your knowledge?

Football Index Review: Trading Passes £200 million
Football Index Trading Passes £200m in 18/19. What Will it pass during 19/20?

1st August 2019

Football Index is the world’s first football stock market, offering an exciting new way to bet on football.

Placing bets on the Final Result of Football Matches now seems to be a thing of the past, now that Football Index have revolutionised the market. Allowing you to Buy and Sell shares in footballers all over the World, Football INDEX is rising in popularity.

Using our Scouting Knowledge, we wanted to give it a go & report back to you just how successful (or not), we had been.

Football Index run a £500 Risk Free promotion for new users, so this was completed using that. Full Disclosure, I ended up depositing a little more. Within months, I had doubled my investment & I found myself depositing more & more, as my confidence in the platform continues to grow.

Starting with £500, I soon turned this into £640 and also received £60 in dividends. This had me interested, as I was making money.

  • Total Cost of Portfolio – £2,300
  • Portfolio Value now – £3,850
  • Dividends Receiced – £140 (This has been re-invested into the portfolio value).

This Football Index Review is just to highlight how my portfolio performed, but also to help explain how Football Index works.

How does Football Index work?

One way to play Football Index is to spot players which have fantastic potential, players which are destined to have an amazing career. If you buy shares in players while their price is low, you can go ahead and sell them for a profit when they make their ‘Dream’ move to a bigger club.

Imagine taking a punt on Harry Maguire when he started to impress for Leicester City. You could have got shares for just £0.84 each, now his transfer to Man Utd has just been confirmed and he’s well over £2!

Jadon Sancho is another fantastic example, he could have been purchased for £1.04 last year, but now it will cost £6 for a single share. HUGE INCREASE.

They are two players I don’t have in my portfolio, as currently there’s better options around the £6 mark for me! (I’ll explain this part below).

Football Index offers a fantastic opportunity for traders to profit from their football knowledge, but we made profit from buying household names. For this review, we didn’t do much research.

It’s a product which will offer natural price growth as the fanbase gets larger.

The great thing about being a Football Index Trader is that you don’t need to spend hours searching the markets (like Forex Trading). Nor do you need a mega computer with 6 screens! The most popular way to access Football Index is via the iOS & Android Apps.

Finding A Player To Buy

Players are separated into two lists, the Top 200 & Squad Players.

The Top 200 players are the 200 most expensive players on the platform, a place where you will typically find the household names, or the best performers. Players such as Jadon Sancho, Raheem Sterling & Neymar sit in the Top 200. See the image below, Paul Pogba is currently the highest priced player, so he sits at the Top of the 200.

Squad Players

The ‘Squad Players’ list is where the remaining players that haven’t made the Top 200 list can be found. There are almost 3000 players in the squad players area & they contain most players from The Top 5 European leagues. To be exact, there’s 2845. Football Index also add players regularly, so you can always be sure there’s a new youth star about to break into the limelight.

As there’s 2845 players, it can be quite difficult to find the man you want. Fortunately, Football Index have made this easier. Including a search bar, you can simply type the name of the Player, or Club and it will show you results. Alternatively, you can filter by price, position, Increase or Decrease.

Searching using the players name is the easiest way to find the player.

To buy a player, simply click the blue BUY box next to the players name. It’s the same for selling, except this time, you’ll be clicking the sell box.

How to Buy & Sell

Your Portfolio

Next to the Top 200 & Squad Players, you will see a ‘Portfolio’ Tab. This area shows you every player you own. It’s pretty detailed, but simplistic at the same time. You will see information such as:

  • Number of Shares Held in Each Player
  • Buy & Sell Price of the Shares
  • Total Profit & Loss

Football Index have zero control over the price of the players on the platform. The players prices are all based on demand. The more traders that purchase the player, the higher that players price will be. When a player isn’t in demand, traders will sell, causing the price to decrease.

There are numerous reasons for a player to be in demand (or not). Causes for demand could be Transfer Speculation, Fantastic Performances, Dividend Wins.

Reasons for a players decline in demand could be retirement speculation, poor form, or traders noticing that the player isn’t winning dividends. What a great time to discuss dividends.

Football Index Dividends

Buying and Selling is a huge part of Football Index, but there’s also a Dividend Mechanic involved which is the most vital aspect of the entire platform.  You can get paid dividends on a daily basis and there’s no limit to the payout.

Dividends can be won in multiple ways. There’s Media Buzz, Performance Buzz & In-Play Dividends. Performance Buzz is going through a re-branding, which will soon be knows as Match Day Rankings. We admit, it sounds a little posher! Let’s give the above dividend mechanics a brief introduction;

  • Media Buzz is based on a players Media Attention throughout that day. The news articles are taken from highly reputable sources, such as BBC Sport & Sky Sports. Media Buzz is paid out to the highest scoring player on a Match Day, or to the Top 3 players on a Non-Match Day (E.G During the Summer Break).

Every Article which contains a footballers name is scored individually, using Sentiment Analysis. This is a scoring system which Football Index do not control, so they have no input into the scoring matrix. The player with the highest Score (All Media headline scores added together) will win the Media Buzz payout for that day.

First place Media Buzz payout is currently £0.03 per share on a ‘Media Day’.

It’s currently £0.02 for Media Buzz payout on a ‘Game Day’, but that’s because Football Index are also paying out for Performance Buzz.

There’s no limit to the dividends that you can win, you get paid out Per Share. You can also get paid out for Media Buzz & Performance Buzz.

There’s often confusion regarding dividends. Traders think that they can only win one type of dividend. However, if you hold the winning players, you can be paid for all positions & Media.

Match Day Rankings / Performance Buzz

Match Day Rankings use Live Statistics for Players Performances, to give each player a ‘score’. Points can be won for Scoring goals, making key passes, assisting etc. View the table below, to see the full scoring chart. These stats are compiled from OPTA, who are the top dogs in Football Statistics. What’s impressive, is that yet again, Football Index aren’t in control of the scoring chart.

On a Match Day, The Best Defender, Midfielder & Forward will all win dividends. There is also then the extra dividend bonus for the Star Player, which is the player that scores the most points on the day. All of the above dividends then combine with the daily Media Buzz dividend, which means there’s absolutely loads on offer!

The dividend amount is based upon how many games are being played, which you can see from the below Dividend Chart.

My Starter Portfolio

As I was new to the Index platform, I wanted to keep my money as safe as possible & not make any silly mistakes. I decided to deposit £500, that way, if I was to lose my whole balance, I was covered under the £500 Risk Free Promotion.

I must stress that you don’t need to go in with £500, you can start with as little as £10. I would advise around £40-50 though minimum, as you’ll want to buy multiple shares to really get to grips with the platform. Are you interested in the £500 Risk Free Promotion? Check Below.

You Can Click here and take advantage of a £500 risk-free offer. Build a portfolio and trade footballers for 7 days then, if you decide it isn’t for you, losses will be refunded up to a maximum of £500 (see Football Index for full terms and conditions).

I started Football Index during the Summer Transfer Window, a period which can be quite hectic on the transfer market. I seemed to get quite lucky with my purchases.

The Portfolio

My initial thoughts were that player prices were quite rampant! There were quite a few youth players I was interested in, but these players were more expensive than the players they could one day replace. Take Marcus Rashford for example, he’s still a Youth, yet Mason Greenwood costs more! I was treading unfamiliar territory, so decided to stick with a more common path.

I was going to compare some Elite players, picking up the cheaper options, hoping they were the ‘Value Bet’. I’m also going to be

  • Christian Eriksen – I purchased Eriksen because he was close to half the price of De Bruyne
First Portfolio Update – August 2019
  • Purchased 150 shares at £1.84. His price actually rocketed, due to speculation he was off to Man Utd. I sold up on these shares, as I couldn’t believe my luck! I sold these shares for £2.54. Total Cost – £276. Total Profit – £100 after commission.

Things got off to a good start. After the first month – and before the World Cup had even started – the majority of the shares we’d bought had risen in value.

We also had eight buzz wins which gave us dividends adding up to 59p. This topped our balance up enough to be able to buy another share, so we decided to buy one more share in Toni Kroos as he was the most recent buzz winner for us.

The total cost of shares now added up to £100.56 and they were valued at £110.95, which was a profit of £10.39. This worked out as a 10.3% increase – a great start for very little effort!

Second Portfolio Update

I have now loaded my account with another £1,500 as I am getting more confident with the platform. I have made quite a few good trades on Paulo Dybala, Bruno Fernandes & Dayot Upamecano. 

On the next update, I will show my portfolio which has been setup for the season ahead.